My Period Bootcamp: How I Stay Active While on my Period

By Lita Lewis | @UbyKotex

We’ve all used the excuse of being on our periods to forgo a workout. It’s normal to feel defeated when our cramps attack or lack the energy we need to get moving. It can be challenging to keep exercise a top priority during our periods, but it certainly doesn’t have to be that way!

A great workout can actually help alleviate period symptoms and increase endorphins. You know, those feel-good chemicals released in our brains when our bodies are in motion! I’m an advocate for maintaining an active lifestyle while being on our period and there are plenty of reasons why we should: exercising will help combat PMS, boost your mood, beat fatigue, prevent those nagging headaches, increase blood circulation and last but not least, help ease menstrual cramps.

Here are my must-do tips to keeping yourself active and healthy during your period:

  1. Workout: Choose an exercise that you love, and I’m telling you that you’ll love HIIT! High Intensity Interval Training: short bursts of intense exercise, followed by short recovery periods, fun! Sometimes I get discouraged about putting in a complete hour or two in the gym while I’m on my period, so HIIT is my go-to. You can get through HIIT circuits in less than 30 minutes and still feel totally challenged. Any girl on her period can get a helluva workout in and be done in time to tackle the rest of her day!

  1. Stretching/Yoga: A less aggressive practice of movement would be to take a yoga class. Yoga practice can be a nice switch up from your beastmode crossfit class and will help energize you, soften cramps and can relieve bloating. I’d suggest the Vinyasa practice for free flowing movement. You might want to avoid specific poses like inversions and avoid heated classes like Bikram.

  1. Meditation: Take a mindful approach and meditate. Giving our bodies a chance to rest while you nurture your spiritual health is an important part of a balanced life. Find time to burn a candle and bench life’s daily grind to focus on alignment and inner peace. You’ll be surprised how a restful mind can promote a rested body.

  1. Diet: Often overlooked, one’s diet can be the difference between a manageable period or an excruciatingly uncomfortable period. Apart from water that can reduce water retention and alleviate bloating, I personally love to drink hot herbal teas during my period. Chamomile tea consists of properties that relieve muscle spasms. It is a natural anti-inflammatory that helps minimize menstrual cramps and may also reduce the tension that leads to anxiety and irritability. During our periods we lose a fair amount of blood and therefore we become vulnerable to an iron deficiency each menstruation cycle. By consuming foods high in iron we can replenish what is lost. My go-to is fresh spinach, high in iron along with Vitamin E and B6 and Magnesium, which have been shown to fight menstrual cramps.

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