‘There is nothing like entering a new season feeling like your best self. After all, we all know that bodies get fit in winter time!

An old coach of mine would always say, “stay ready so you don’t have to get ready!” I can almost hear her voice now. Preseason conditioning work used to scared me, but nowadays I maintain a different perspective.  Colder months aren’t a part of “off” season, they’re a part of an always-on, doing season! I now echo the same sentiments my old coach would say.

With that said, let’s spring into spring! I’m sharing a fun and effective, full-body workout routine that’ll whip you into gear. This hard-core, HIIT routine can be done anywhere and by anyone! To amp up the intensity I’m demonstrating each movement with 5lbs dumbbells, but this routine can be done without any equipment if you so choose. Pro tip: However you’re working out, definitely keep Kleenex Wet Wipes nearby. They keep me feeling fresh and clean (and ready for spring!). These ones remove germs, so I can stay clean and healthy while working out.

Based on your own personal fitness level you can choose to do a single set or multiple sets. Fitness Level: 1-2 sets, 2-3 sets, 3-4 sets. Now let’s get to work!

1.Squat to Press: A great compound movement using the major leg and shoulder muscles. Squat deep, breaking a 90-degree angle. When standing squeeze your glutes to engage your glute and hamstring muscles. Press directly above your head.

2.Reverse Lunges and T-flies: Having to reverse lunge requires you to maintain a tight core to ensure good balance. Lunge deep and raise your arms in a controlled and steady fashion, returning to the standing position whilst lowering your arms.

3.Single Leg RDL and Row Combo: Plant your foot firmly on the ground, hinge forward at the hips with a slight bend of the knee. In this position your hamstrings are at play. The leg kicked back should be parallel to the ground while you row, driving your elbows high, squeezing your back muscles. Lower your arms and stand, returning to starting position.

4.Russian Twists with Press Peaks: Great move for the abdominal muscles and shoulders. For a challenge raise your heels off the ground and twist, adding a press above your head, rotate to the other side and repeat.

5.Push-up with Single Jack: Working chest and core simultaneously. Aim to bring your chest close to the ground then push up. With locked out elbows, perform a single jack before repeating another push up. Avoid pressing your chin into your chest, instead elongate your neck by keeping a neutral spine.

6.Toe Touches: Great for your upper abdominals. Legs go up and kept close together. With dumbbells in hand, keep them side by side and pulse up, contracting the abdominals so the dumbbells reach your toes. Be sure to dorsiflex your feet so the tops of your foot are in sight and not pointing to the sky.

7.Jumping Jacks: Good ole fashion jumping jacks! A great plyometric movement that ups your heart rate. Maintain a steady pace and rhythm and be sure to stay on your toes.

8.Jumping Lunges with Squat: This one is great for toning the lower half and creates a real burn! If you’re going to do this one holding dumbbells be sure to keep your arms straight to avoid putting any unnecessary stress on your biceps.

Done!! A full body HITT routine that should leave your feeling accomplished. Now clean off your sweat – beach season, here we come!




This post is sponsored by Kleenex® Brand. All opinions expressed are my own.